Mark van Straten

Hi I'm Mark! I have been a professional Software Engineer for more then a decade. In this time I have created a lot of web-based applications to plan a visit to The Hague, get tickets for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam or let you turn on your lights while not at home to name a few.

Nowadays I'm more interested into the people behind the code. As Guild Lead I facilitate learning & development, networking opportunities & embedding of engineering culture in my organization. Quite the challenge given the amount of engineers (600+) and geographic distribution (Netherlands till Japan and everything between).

If people like to listen I will talk. If people want to talk I will listen and coach them. When we need something to distract us I like to play a boardgame. I even tried kickstarting my own boardgame.  

And when nobody is around I like to brew spectacular coffee, hang out with my bees or work up a sweat doing Crossfit.

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